The wireless technology used BY the Intellimation solution gives you the flexibility to take your home automation solution from one home to another, should such a need ever arise. This gives you the peace of mind that your investment into a top-notch home automation solution is always secure.


Your Intelligent Home just texted you to say that there is unexpected rise of temperature and smoke in your kitchen, informing you of a threat of fire in your house. They system immediately implements emergency procedures and warns you of the danger.

Smart Automation

An Intellimation installation provides you with a wireless home automation solution without replacing any components of your home setup e.g. electrical switches. This gives us an unparalleled flexibility of automating a new or old home alike.

Lighting Control

Its 7:00 am, your coffee maker brews a fresh pot, lights gradually brightens, curtains slowly rise, your favorite music kicks over the bedroom speaker. Welcome to your “Perfect Morning” scene

Security & Surveillance

You have plans to go out for the day, your intelligent home will make sure all the doors are locked, lights turn-off and the security system is alarmed. All it needs is a press of the “Away” button, and you are all set. Keep an eye on your home and surroundings when away.

Scalable & Future Ready

Our compatibility with nearly 300 Z-Wave technology independent manufacturers ensures that your system is never outdated and it can keep evolving with the advancements in home automation technology with small incremental cost.​


Everything is connected - check which devices You can plug into the FIBARO ecosystem


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